About Us

Welcome to IQ Purus

At IQ Purus we believe every person deserves to be safe, protected and healthy to live a full life without risk. We are committed to the well-being of yourself , your family, your pets, workplaces, your environment and the planet.


It is our primary focus to provide ongoing solutions that protect all Australian households & businesses from harm.

We rely on strong partnership with key Australian manufacturers to provide cutting edge technologies in the way of superior cleaning & sanitisation options.

We are committed to offering products that are non-harmful, non-toxic, safe for the environment, Australian made and owned, and are safe to use around people, pets & plants.  


  • Trustworthy: Maintain transparency and integrity as we collaborate with trustworthy, reliable brands, who have established credibility from years of experience in their unique markets and fields.  
  • Safe & Secure: Offering peace of mind by supplying products that protect your direct environment and loved ones from harm.  
  • Innovative: We adopt products that are at the forefront of their fields and sectors, providing superior results.  
  • Collaborative: We focus on building partnerships, working with others who hold similar passions and visions as we do.  
  • Environmental: We back products that are safer for our environment .


To be a leading supplier. supporting, educating and informing all Australians on superior technologies that are available to them.


Established by two Queensland entrepreneurs who share a passion for cutting edge technologies, business, and ensuring their families and businesses are protected and safe from harm.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, both founders went in search of superior sanitisation options. With a desire to sanitise and protect their businesses, their households, families, staff and customers, they discovered Siqura’s revolutionary, next generation QuatLok technology.

Siqura’s “Hand Sanitiser protects hands, killing 99.99% of bacteria with up to 24 hours continuous protection.

Siqura’s ‘Commercial Surface Spray’ protects surfaces from 99.99% of bacteria, inhibits mould, odours and a range of pathogens for up to 30 days.

Longer lasting sanitisation during Covid 19, meant peace of mind, security and feeling safe and protected.

The founders felt blessed to be using such a forward thinking product, yet the product was hard to find. No one was supplying it to the general public or businesses in Queensland. Information on the technology was not readily available, and if businesses or customers wanted to purchase in one off small quantities, it was difficult to access as it was only available from the manufacturer in larger quantities. Due to the product not having any alcohol in its liquid, the greatest misconception was that only 70% alcohol was the only effective option for sanitisation.

It was clear that there was a serious gap in the market. Education was needed, and the public deserved to know there is safer, superior, more environmentally friendly alternative.

It was clear to the founders of IQ Purus that this technology should be in every house and business during the Covid-19 outbreak, and if anything like the covid-19 panic was to ever happen again, it is their mission to make it a household item ,so every human has the choice to be protected by Siqura.

IQ Purus continues to spread the word that Siqura’s antimicrobial technology is available to all and offers this revolutionary product, Australia wide, making it safer for all households, now and in the future.



Use SIQURA to stop the spread of bacteria