Testimonials: Brianna Seaton - Owner of “High Country Trees & Services”

"As a business owner, sanitising is not something we have had to think about pre covid. We had to find a solution to keep our staff and customer safe and that when we found Siqura. We began with the hand sanitiser on our staff, and then began fogging our vehicles and offices monthly. Our customers saw what we were doing and loved the idea so much we have started offering sanitisation as a home service to protect families against germs, mould, mildew and a wide range of pathogens.  My clients feel safer knowing we are using a product that can protect them and their families for up to 30 days. We all need to be responsible in todays world to protects ourselves and each other and this is how I am playing my part. “
- Brianna Seaton- Owner of “High Country Trees & Services”