Testimonials: Rumbie - Owner of Rumbie & Co

Sydney business owner &  hair specialist using SIQURA
Rumbie: Owner of  Rumbie & Co
“As a business owner with 5 staff trying to navigate our way through the unknown of covid, IQ Purus’s Siqura Hand Sanitiser offered me peace of mind. I not only kills germs for up to 24 hours, but it has no alcohol, has moisturising capabilities and is safe for my staff, customers and the environment. With a team of  hairdressers, our hands are our livelihood, so its a no brainer to use a product that protects for longer, doesn’t dry out or crack our hands, and is safe for my clients and team.  Plus, only needing to apply it once a day makes it so much more cost effective than sanitisers you have to continuously apply."
- Rumbie - Owner of  Rumbie & Co