• Testimonials: Scott Chapman - “5x Zombreros Franchise Owner”

    “For me, the safety of my customers & staff is my highest priority, and in the craziness of covid, as a business owner I know I can put my trust in Siqura."
  • Testimonials: Brianna Seaton - Owner of “High Country Trees & Services”

    “Its the peace of mind I get from using Siquras range of protection sprays. We started sanitising our offices and vehicles with Siquras surface sanitiser protectant that kills germs for up to 30 days, now our clients ask us to sanitise their homes to protect their families.”
  • Testimonials: Rumbie - Owner of Rumbie & Co

    “As a hairdresser, My hands are my livelihood, protecting them with Siquras 24 hour germ shield, that has no harsh chemicals or alcohol is a no-brainer”
  • Testimonials: Tim Sayce - Builder | Managing Director Kai Konstruct

    "Our sick leave has never been lower since implementing Siqura germ shield into our daily routine, so for that alone it's worth it's weight in gold to keep up health & productivity in the workplace"