Your SOPs to Stay Inside During Corona Pandemic

Today, the world is at the crossroads where it is the most connected yet the most isolated at the same time. The pandemic of Coronavirus has forced many to stay inside their homes and many others to take the field to ensure the safety of the people. The world was never so connected to give a befitting response to the biggest medical challenge in the history of mankind. There are already over 700 thousand affected people across the world and the figure is rising by every second. However, the positive side is that the number of people recovering from the pandemic is also on the rise. The way China has handled the novel coronavirus, where it actually broke out, has set the protocols for everyone in the world to deal with this unprecedented challenge.

Let’s establish a standard operating procedure (SOP) for staying inside during the global lockdown.


If you are not a healthcare professional or someone associated with the law enforcement agencies, your best bet against novel coronavirus is by staying indoors. What it means is that you will have to confine your whole life to your house. This is where you need to make special arrangements to make sure that your work doesn’t suffer from the pandemic that has already affected the global economy like never before. Your first SOP should be to make sure that you have a laptop in the best working condition, a reliable internet connection as well as a backup arrangement, a place in the house where you can set up your home-based office, and a discipline in life to take a chunk out of your life to dedicate for work.

While you are at your work, remotely, make sure that you stay aloof from your family. It will help you focus on the tasks in hand and you would be able to complete your job a lot earlier than expected. Secondly, your work from home would ensure that you continue to get your wage every month which is necessary in these times as there is a sharp rise in the number of vulnerable people. You need to make sure you have enough financial support to walk past this phase without much hassle.


Many of us would have already started feeling pessimistic about our government’s ability to deal with the pandemic, but this is not the right strategy. As part of your SOP, you must reinstate your trust in your government. You should respect the efforts the lawmakers are carrying out with healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies to help arrest the rise of the pandemic.

Trusting your government would also allow you to stay peaceful and positive as you stay inside. According to psychologists, it is really important for individuals to stay positive during the self-isolation period because your positive energy can inspire others in the family. On the other hand, your negative approach can fill everyone with anxiety and depression, which is never going to help the cause. So stay positive and believe what your government is doing to stem the flow of novel coronavirus.


The novel coronavirus has actually presented a great chance to all of us to rebuild our social connection. In our hectic lifestyle, most of us almost forgot our family and the people who look up to us for their tasks and needs. As part of your SOP, you can plan and design different activities to rebuild the lost connection with your family members. The first step is to stay away from your smartphone and news channels as much as you can. Now you can focus on different activities like playing indoor sports or reading books or watching quality movies or even working out together inside your house.

The social connection is a crucial part of our life, which we had already compromised in a bid to have a better life. If you are well connected with your family, it also helps your career growth. So, take this opportunity today and reconnect with your dear ones and make them feel that they are important to you.


According to doctors, your best bet against the pandemic is to stay sanitised all the time. They believe that a person should wash hands at least 7-10 times a day. In this tough time, it is always a great investment to have effective sanitisers at your home، because they help you stay away from germs better than any other product.

Secondly, also avoid touching your face all the time. It is understandable that humans like to touch parts of their face but tough times require tough choices and tough decisions. If you are able to bring about this change in your life, it will pay huge dividends for your health.


The novel coronavirus has emerged as the biggest challenge on the face of the planet for mankind. It needs a concerted effort which starts by staying inside. Try as much as you can to avoid going out. Only take a trip out if you really need it. It will help you in staying away from the affected people. Always remember, the virus cannot enter your house as long as you don’t invite it. Stay inside, stay safe!