Protecting You In This Pandemic

In the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has descended upon us as a disastrous calamity that has brought the global economy to its knees – forcing people into quarantines and isolation worldwide. Just as March comes to an end, there are a total of 4,245 Australians infected with this virus and eighteen people have already lost their lives.

Our country is now the 20th country most affected.

This virus spreads and mutates quickly, not allowing expert healthcare officials and scientists to develop a vaccine for it that can immunize the human body against it. All is not lost though. We continuously learn new things every day about the virus, its mutated strains, symptoms, and effects, BUT we still do not have the means to cure it.

This is why we must prevent and protect ourselves.

Chances are that you will contract this virus if you come in contact with an unfortunate person effected by it or touch a surface that was touched by said person. Two recent studies have shown that the viruses which are part of the coronavirus family tend to survive longer on specific surfaces, especially stainless steel and plastic where it can survive up to 9 days.

What is worrying about this finding is that most of our furniture and kitchen equipment is made of plastic or stainless steel

How do we protect ourselves against this? Should we just lock up in our rooms and never get out? Whilst that may be an ultimate form of protection, there is an easier, less daunting and drastic, way out.

If you have been following the news, you must have seen headlines and fun being poked at people panic-buying household supplies, especially toilet paper. Australian shoppers have now been restricted from buying more than a specific quantity of toilet paper. In the UK, retailers have begun to limit the sales of sanitizers and hygiene products – out of fear of shortage.

Some people believe that this psychological fear which is triggering panic-buying. However, scientifically speaking, buying the required amount of hygiene products and cleaning agents may the right solution.

Here is what you can buy to protect yourself. Rest assured, purchasing these supplies will greatly reduce your likelihood of contracting the virus – considering that you respect other preventative measures like physical distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks/gloves when going outside.

  • Get your hands on some sodium hypochlorite, alternatively known as bleach. Research has shown bleach can be very effective at completely destroying the RNA of the virus – rendering it dead. Just wipe any surface with some bleach infused cleaning agent and you will do yourselves a favor.
  • If you want to go a little extra and ensure 100% protection, you can simply get your hands on surgical grade spirit made up of alcohol ethanol. It works like bleach but much faster: killing the virus in less than 30 seconds and not more. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended EPA-registered products clean surfaces which are expected to be effective. All the products that EPA has recommended share the same chemical makeup as the most reliable household cleaning agents do. However, you can go ahead and purchase cleaning agents that can add a microscopic protective layer for continuous antimicrobial and antivirus protection.
  • As for sanitizers, which are being continuously made out of stock, remember to buy sanitizers with 70% or above ethanol/alcohol concentration or else the virus wouldn’t really die.

We advise you to take contact your local small business owners in these trying times to buy reliable, safe, and effective cleaning products at a wholesale price.

Get in touch with us at IQ Purus to quickly employ effective measures to prevent and protect yourself from contracting any diseases – especially the COVID-19.