How Your Family Can Fight Invisible Germs, With An Invisible Protective Shield

Hand Sanitiser & Protectant 


Up to 24 hour Hand Sanitiser & Protectant 


Helping Australians feel safe to get on with living


Siqura is not just an average hand sanitiser, it’s like a germ shield that protects for up to 24 hours, offering peace of mind to those who want to feel safe returning to life after lockdown. Like wearing an invisible bacteria destroying glove, Siqura’s Hand Sanitiser protects you for up to 24 hours against 99.99% of bacteria.


Every day you come into contact with millions of forms of bacteria, when picking up your phone, groceries, your children’s toys, touching door handles & light switches, generally engaging in day-to-day activities.  This is where you can be susceptible to picking up and spreading bacteria potentially infecting yourself and your loved ones without even knowing. 


Siqura’s next generation of unique QuatLok technology differs significantly from traditional hand sanitiser.  This unique formula kills microbes, eliminating the need for alcohol and harsh chemicals, therefore protecting the skin of the user.  Through a bio mechanical process, the electrostatic charge interacts with the bacteria lipid cell layer, resulting in permanent destruction of bacterial cells.  This effectively kills the bacteria and destroys the cell, resulting in an inability of the cell to mutate and continue the spread of bacteria. 


Directions:  Siqura is applied to clean hands.  Simply apply to both hands and allow to dry completely for 60-90 seconds. Once the product dries the unique QuatLock technology creates an invisible microscopic layer of protection on your skin which continually destroys bacteria for up to 24 hours.




  • Longer lasting: QuatLoc Technology offers a protection shield  that lasts  for up to 24 hours (not 2 minutes)  

  • Australian made & owned. Supporting local business. 

  • Safe: Suitable for use by children, pets and plants and is safe to be used around food prep. 

  • Convenient:  Applied only once a day, leaving  your hands protected and  moisturised.  

  • Natural:  Ingredients derived from nature. 

 (if you would like to know more about QuatLoc Technology, please visit our home page and refer to our video  for a full scientific explanation on how this technology works ) 




‘Commercial Grade Surface Disinfectant & Protectant’ 


Siquras ‘Commercial Grade Surface Disinfectant & Protectant protects surfaces for up to 30days and is available in a 5 Litre (with or without a pump) version, being the most cost effective option.


In liquid form, the product is sprayed onto most surfaces (including wood, glass, marble, fabrics, leather, metal, and plastic) and is especially beneficial for those in physical contact scenarios including handbags, wallets, toys, and even mobile phones. 


In the drying process, it molecularly bonds to a surface, providing a microscopic invisible protection barrier for up to 30days.  

The commercial grade is safe for children, and around food preperation.  It can be used as an everyday general disinfectant & introduced into your regular cleaning routine as a the sanitising option for your home or workplace to protect for 30 days.  


‘Surface Sanitiser & Protectant Fogger’ 


With many pest control and cleaning businesses now expanding into sanitisation services, Siqura’s FOGGER range is the ultimate for industry professionals, or the Do-It-Yourself option to sanitise and protect your environment. This game changing product doesn’t require anything in addition to the FOGGER itself to sanitise an entire home or workplace. Siqura is so powerful and versatile it has been used in a fog application in industries such as agriculture, fitness, aviation, corrections, and Governments around the world.


In only 10-20 minutes you can FOG an entire enclosed vehicle, shopfront, house or workplace.  

The 100g FOGGERS are suitable for rooms up to 9 metres cubed and the larger 300g service covers up to 30 square metres cubed. You can also simply place a number of FOGGERS within a larger open plan room.  


 Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Place the FOGGER in the centre of the room
  2. Press the button to activate the FOGGER
  3. Leave the room as it fogs up (takes a maximum of only 20 minutes)
  4. Let the room settle and dry for about an hour with its new invisible anti-microbial shield in place! It is during the drying process, Siqura bonds to surfaces and provides a long-lasting protective barrier, so it’s important to let it dry thoroughly before re-entering the room.
  5. Relax knowing you’ve made your environment safer for you, your family, and vistors!


The “FOGGER” is where we see this product range being most valuable to businesses and the community. As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift over the coming weeks and months, many businesses are looking for an ongoing, easy, cost effect way to safely and quickly sanitise their premises.  


Foggers are specifically valuable for cafes, restaurants and pubs that have been forced to close recently, and are now needing sanitisation solutions for their premises on an ongoing basis when re-opening to the public. With Siqura being invisible, we created a Siqura wristband, to identify staff and businesses who use the Siqura Quat Technology. As the brand becomes more of a household name and is further understood, it is reassuring to the public that specific businesses or staff members are using the Siqura technology. With a quick guide to how it works available to the public, it is a simple and effective way of ensuring your customers feel safe.  


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