How to Help Protect Your Family from Coronavirus?

Your family always comes on top of your priorities. It becomes all the more important in the trying times like the one we are facing today. The novel coronavirus has caused havoc to humans all across the globe without any discrimination. From the top government officials like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the poorest of people living in the third world countries, the pandemic has equally affected us all. The world is at a halt right now with all the industrial units closed down. All major companies have shut down their physical operations and resorted to getting their tasks done remotely from home.

However, people like healthcare professionals are at the forefront of this war along with the law enforcement agencies. Together they are fighting days and nights to keep mankind safe from the hazards of the novel coronavirus, which has already exceeded killing 37,810 people worldwide.

As an individual, every one of us has the responsibility to play our constructive role to help the world beat the menace of the novel coronavirus. It all starts with you and the place where you live. As discussed above, the family always comes first. So here are a few tips to help you save your family from the hazards of the novel coronavirus.

Act Responsibly

As human beings, we all should act responsibly, especially in today’s trying times. When it comes to making sure the safety of your family members, the responsibility becomes higher. As we all know that the novel coronavirus spreads in gatherings, so the first thing everyone needs to do is to distance themselves from the outer world. Whether it be a self-quarantine or self-isolation, the goal is to keep yourself and your dear ones away from the crowd which potentially may have a virus carrier. Secondly, if you feel any of the symptoms of coronavirus, it is your duty to immediately see your doctor. If you want to keep your family safe from this disease, you should go that extra yard to ensure that. It might be a false alarm but even then it is a sane decision to get yourself checked right away.

Sanitise Everybody and Everything

Apart from the self-isolation or social distancing, another way of keeping your family safe from the virus is by keeping them sanitised all the time. You can start by making rules for everyone in the house. Make sure everyone in the house washes hands. I would suggest to use siquras hand sanitiser every morning before starting your day, so your protected from viruses and germs. Also, discuss with them different actions that can lead to the disease, including touching your face with hands. Make them understand that keeping good hygiene is very much the solution to this challenge. Apart from sanitising your body, you should also make sure to sanitise everything that you touch every now and then. It could be your smartphone, power plugs, door handles, or car steering. You should use a good sanitising product to keep these places in the best condition for you and your family.

 Keep Kids Away from the Elderly

The novel coronavirus is believed to affect the elderly more than anyone else. So, if you have your parents living with you in the house, make sure that your little ones are not in physical contact with them. Also, make sure that your seniors are not exposed to the outer world. Try and limit their activities in the house as well because if they get exposed to the virus**, it is certainly going to spread to the other members of the family.

Keep Updated with Public Health Guidelines

Knowledge has a leading role to play in this fight against the novel coronavirus. After its sudden spread across Australia, the local states, and council authorities have issued their own sets of guidelines to stem the flow of the virus. As part of the corrective measures, the local authorities have temporarily closed down all the public and private schools as well as universities, followed by the suspension of sports and cultural activities. In many states, restaurants and bars are operating for limited hours whereas many companies have adopted the work-from-home policy to help the government beat the challenge. It is important for every individual to stay fully updated with the local public health guidelines so as they know what to do in the case of an emergency.

Empower Your Immune System

Experts believe that the novel coronavirus affects people with the weaker immune system more than the stronger ones. You need to have a strong immune system to cope up with the challenge of this disease. This is your best defense against coronavirus. If you don’t possess a healthy and stronger immune system, you should start empowering it today. It will not only help you in fighting the novel coronavirus but will also assist you in dealing with many other life-threatening diseases. There was no better time on the planet earth to adopt healthy habits. Make sure your family members are your partners in adopting a healthy lifestyle, which also includes consuming healthy and organic foods. Don’t forget to spend some time under the sun besides taking a good bit of sleep and consume fresh air. Also, make sure to keep your dear ones hydrated all the time.

⦁ Be Mentally Strong
Another top ploy against the hazards of the novel coronavirus is by keeping a cool head. You can’t afford to panic in such a situation where the whole world is finding itself in dire straits. Every individual around you must stay calm and composed and don’t let the negative thoughts get the better of them. Higher stress or anxiety levels will eventually have an adverse effect on your immune system and you don’t want your immune system to lose strength for any reason.


Social distancing combined with family interaction is believed to get the job done for many out there. If China has done it, we can do it too. Stay positive, adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay hydrated, keep everything and everyone sanitised, don’t go out unnecessarily, keep a safe distance from others, and empower your immune system. The next few weeks are going to be the most crucial in the outcome of this battle against the novel coronavirus, so the time is now to act responsibly and keep your dear ones healthy and safe.